Wooden windows

Serramenti esterni Seimm
Serramenti Seimm

Responsibility towards the environment means responsibility for future generations and guarantees the quality of life of the present generation. Wood has no rivals: it is renewable and recyclable.

Use of durable essences combined with ad hoc painting cycles, for a greater guarantee of duration.
Choosing wood means taking a big step towards our ideal future. SEIMM windows are made exclusively of natural laminated wood and guarantee high thermal insulation.
From an ecological point of view they certainly represent the most biocompatible raw material for the construction of doors and windows. All the windows and doors produced are made of laminated wood composed of 3 perfectly dried lamellas glued with d3 glue. The use of laminated wood ensures the creation of a high quality, stable and non-deformable window frame over time.


Windows of various models and thicknesses with modern high-performance technology.
Thanks to the warmth of the wood, the triple gasket and the high-performance glass, a comfortable and welcoming environment is obtained. The basic model is in laminated wood with a modern profile, section of 68×90 mm, triple gasket of the Aria 12 series with provision for 28 mm double chamber glass and aluminum drip. Available in all wood essences and finishes.

The window is a real piece of furniture and for this reason we provide a wide range of colors which includes the classic colors with colored impregnating agents, RAL lacquers and possibly by sample.

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