PVC windows

Serramenti PVC Seimm

The Italian excellence without compromises of the K70 Series. A concentration of versatility and convenience that combines the excellent performance of PVC with the style and refinement needs of the home. The K70 Series is made with a 70mm RAL “A” PVC system, five insulation chambers and two sealing gaskets. The profiles are strictly reinforced in steel, they can be combined in different variations.

Steel reinforced 70mm class RAL “A” PVC, 5 chambers, 2 gaskets

Double glazing:
IsoTherm up to 42mm thick with 90% Argon gas and BordoCaldo duct

SecurPlus Comfort with two anti-burglary points, micro-ventilation and magnetic latch on French doors.


The range is completed by other series with increased sections based on the insulation requirement.

Thanks to the vast range of colors, two-tone combinations can be created, therefore the interior of a different color from the exterior respecting the aesthetics of even the most demanding condominium.

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