Awnings, shutters, roller shutters, mosquito nets

Frangisole persiane Seimm serramenti

MOTORIZED AWNINGS: Sunshades that, depending on the position of the sun, can guide natural light into the space. They can illuminate or darken depending on the need, you can decide to let in as much light as possible without giving up privacy. Wide range of models: completely metallic with no visible connections between the slats, or with slats connected to each other by almost imperceptible resistant cables.

SHUTTERS: Shutters made of wood or aluminium, wood finishes, RAL enamelled or particular decorations. Models to be plugged into the wall with chemical mortar or anchored to a perimeter frame that follows the edge of the wall.

ROLLING SHUTTERS and BOXES: Roll-up blinds in aluminium, PVC or steel, with manual or motorized control. Wide range of colors and models similar to wood or solid color RAL. Possible assembly on new buildings also with insulated bins for maximum energy savings.

MOSQUITO NETS: vertical mosquito nets for windows and horizontal sliding nets for doors; wide range of colors and models, external wall mounting or concealed assembly flush with the window.

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